In Loving Memory of Pat Crowe

It is with extreme sadness to add Pat to our Memorial Page, still she will be one of our Angels that we add to our pages that have made large personal contributions to our EFFORTS.  Pat has been much to all of us, friend, co-worker, but most of all a big part of the heart of our organization.  She was one of our main ladies we depended upon to help bring the love and hope to our members through her Effortsmembers List.  The list will be dedicated to her and to the EFFORTS she made for our group.
Gary Bain President.

Patricia Ann Crowe
      (June 3, 1954 - November 2, 2006)

      Patricia A. Crowe, 52, of Jefferson City, a loving wife, caring mother, fun-loving grandmother and wonderful, dear friend, passed away, Thursday, November 2, 2006, at St. Mary's Health Center. She was born on June 3, 1954, in Jefferson City, Missouri, a daughter of Clifford and Jeanetta Kline. On February 11, 1984 she was married in Jefferson City, Missouri to Michael Wayne Crowe.
      Patti worked for five years with McGraw Edison before her many years with UTS/Sprint. Most recently she was the Assistant to the Dean at Lincoln University's School of Fine Arts until her retirement in 2000. During that time she was able to develop a deeper meaning for the finer things in life: art, music, expression and friendship. She touched many students that passed through the department. Through the years she toyed with many artistic mediums: paint, tie-dye, cake decorating and most recently ceramics. Each member of her family & friends have received at least one sampling of "art from her heart" to display in their homes. Along with her artistic side, Patti enjoyed spending time with her precious grandchildren. The many songs that she taught them, the creations with Play-Dough, and the love she showed them will be cherished forever. Patti devoted her life to educating others about COPD. She participated in the group EFFORTS; managing an online support group and advocating for others plagued with the disease. Her devotion to helping others manage their disease took her to Washington, DC to present before a Congressional Committee. She spent many hours at car shows, drag races, family fishing trips and tooling around with the love of her life in the RV. Her passion, her love for everyone in her path, and most of all her laugh and smile will be missed.  See also