Brenda Hoilman

                                 This Page is dedicated to our beloved Brenda Hoilman who was 
                                 more than just a friend to EFFORTS.  Brenda was a very special 
                                 lady who will long be remembered for the work she did to help
                                 those who suffer with lung disease.  She was a loving and caring
                                 person who spent many hours supporting the members of EFFORTS
                                 by  counselling and encouraging those who needed her.  She lovingly
                                 encouraged members to further our mission in quest of new medications 
                                 treatments and a cure for emphysema.
                                 We will miss her dearly.
                                      The music that you hear on this page was Brenda's favorite song.
                                           and was submitted by Gary Leach
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   I am a caged bird, trapped inside an ever decreasing world,.
This cage was built around me, as I napped,
unaware of the building strength of The Enemy Within.
    I cannot run, can barely breathe within the confines of this cage.

So many of life's joys, those things I want, I need, I desire,
just out of reach, so painfully out of reach.
All those needs, those phantom pleasures, ever present,
    like a useless amputated limb, still screaming....."Feel me! I am here!"

I will not turn away from that part of me
which is my center, my spirit, my soul, (my Essence).
And for that reason, will remain in control....even
         in the face of cages built of human frailty, and the Enemy Within.

So, my Essence runs free among the pines of deepest forests,
and lingers along the banks of a dashing creek.
     It rises on the wings of a dove and flies with hope,  and soars with love,
       assuring that though I lose some ground,  My spirit will not waver.

      My body bears shackles, but my mind grows stronger and roams free.
I can deal with the losses, I can roll with the flow, and I can laugh,
For I know my formidable foe, the Enemy Within,
Will never touch my soul or my spirit.........My Essence is mine.

Brenda Duggins Hoilman:  August 1998

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