EFFORTS - P. O. Box 20241 Kansas City, Mo. 64195-0241 Ph: 1-866-END-COPD


Many of our members create a very deep friendship and as such have gatherings or reunions,
just to visit each other from time to time. It is well worth attending one of the gathering if one is near.
If you do, you won't want to miss a single gathering from then on.

Patti Gibson and her husband were folks that started the "huggin", usually at all our gatherings as well as some of their own traveling from place to place. See her photos of EFFORTS folks at http://www.pattigibson.com/album.htm Scroll down the pages to the state names to get all the pictures For those who remember her, Patricia (Patti) Anne Bailey Gibson died 8 September, 2006 of 'Respiratory Failure due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease'. After many years fighting pain and difficulty breathing she settled back in her recliner chair, relaxed and drifted into unconsciousness. CPR and the soon arrived 911 EMT personnel were not successful this, the 5th time.
Glenn Adelbert Gibson

Current reunions are by date at the top, and then list those that have already occurred at the bottom. In short, this will be shown as a Calendar of Events.

To post your EFFORTS Gathering, please send information to Linda Watson, lwatson@hvc.rr.com .
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Thursday, Jun 22, 2012 5:30 pm

ALPHA 1 AND COPD Resource Group Meeting

Chisolm Hills Golf & Banquet Center
2395 South Washington Rd.
Lansing, MI 48911

You are invited to attend a meeting designed to educate and support people living with alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency/COPD as well as their friends, family and community.  Please join us as we offer general support and resources, share information and learn about these conditions.

Special Guest Speakers : Cindy Pohl, Gail Moreno, Julie Lowden & Pete Zipple Registered Respiratory Therapists, Sparrow Hospital, Pulmonary Rehab Dept.

Please RSVP Linda McMann
Phone: (517) 694-1536
View Brochure

To have your event posted here contact Linda Watson


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Find a map to your gathering with MSN MAPS AND DIRECTIONS

  Looking for past EFFORTS Gathering in your area? Please check below...

Past Gatherings



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MICHIGAN GATHERING, Sep 15th 2011 5:30 pm

The ALPHA 1 AND COPD Resource Group Meeting was held Sep 15. It was designed to educate and support people living with alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency/COPD as well as their friends, family and community. Dr. Kyle Hogarth, an expert in pulmonary diseases to include Alpha 1, was the featured speaker.

View Brochure

For more information, contact Linda McMann Phone: (517) 694-1536 Email: themcmanns@comcast.net


FLORIDA GATHERING, September 19TH 2009

The September 2009 Florida Luncheon was hosted by Karen Deitemeyer and the location was Mimi's Cafe, 1251 W. Osceola Parkway,
Kissimmee, FL Wonderful food and great company were enjoyed by all. "We're planning to do it again in January - come on down!!"
Please watch for the announcement of the next one.

MICHIGAN GATHERING, March 26th 2010 5:30 pm

The ALPHA 1 AND COPD Resource Group Meeting was held March 26. It was designed to educate and support people living with alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency/COPD as well as their friends, family and community.

For more information, contact Linda McMann Phone: (517) 694-1536 Email: themcmanns@comcast.net

FLORIDA GATHERING, September 19TH 2009

The September 2009 Florida Luncheon was hosted by Karen Deitemeyer and the location was Mimi's Cafe, 1251 W. Osceola Parkway,
Kissimmee, FL Wonderful food and great company were enjoyed by all. "We're planning to do it again in January - come on down!!"
Please watch for the announcement of the next one.


The Florida Luncheon was hosted by Karen Deitemeyer and the location was Zohra's Lakeside Restaurant in Lakeland, Florida
Wonderful food and great company were enjoyed by all. Those in attendance voted to have a meeting in Florida every 3 months
so please watch for the announcement of the next one.


Long Island, New York

John & Trish Hamme---Rockville Center[South Shore/Nassau  County] Anyone ? Long Island, New York  Contact   Trish Hamme-NY+a  Trijo5188@AOL.COM

Jewl" <midnytejewl@OPTONLINE.NET, Port Jefferson Station, Long Island

DECEMBER 7, 2006, 1:30   p.m.
 Just come and enjoy a great together.  Your chance to  put
                                         the name and face together.
 NORMA         602 339-1151,        CONNIE    602  803-0442


Simons Restaurant
2 W. Roosevelt Road
Sunday, DECEMBER 10, 2006

The time is now for us to get together  to have lunch, socialize and make new friends.
  Sunday Dec.10 at 1pm at Simon's Restaurant .2 W Roosevelt road in Villa Park Il.
  We need your reservations now to make it a sucess.
  Please call or email me ASAP so I can make the final count
  Thank you and happy thanksgiving
  Lloyd Corrigan lgctrav@sbcglobal.net  847 679 3723


 Savannah, Ga.

First weekend in Dec

This is not limited to just those living in the South East.  Any one who can get there is welcome to come.  There has been a lot of interest in getting together in No one has objected to the .  Now for question # 3....do you want to have a speaker? 
Savannah has several places to stay.  I-95 & 1-16; Abercorn St (or Hwy 204) the downtown area, and the beach.  The least expensive are at 1-95/1-16  and on Abercorn St.  For eating, there's Lady & Sons, Mrs. Wilkes (all you can eat, great food), the Pirates House, and many places for seafood.  It's a very easy City to get around.  Streets go N/S and E/W.  There's River Street for shopping and eating,  several historic houses to tour and even driving tours.  The beach is 30 minutes away.  There's two forts for history buffs. There's also a riverboat tour.  So first things first....speaker?  Let me know and if any others would like to come, please do......these are lots of fun.  Mary Ellen-Ga.

Would those of you who know you're going to attend, please send me an email so that I can now start making plans.  There are many nice eating places, Italian, Mexican, Steaks, Seafood, country cooking, etc.  Let me have an idea what you'd like.  Can't promise to please everyone but sure will try.  There are many places to see in Savannah and I'll try to find out more about them.   If we have enough people we might be able to get a group rate on the motel.  Set your calendar to DEC 1-3, 2006.  Mary Ellen-Ga.
Here's the list of names of the people who have said they would attend:
Carrie Ishelor-SC
Beth Kassekert-SC
Ed Swaggerty-SC
Mary Ellen Owen-Ga.

These are the people who have expressed interest but their emails didn't make it clear if they planned to attend:

Wayne Sanders
Rusty Sherrill-Tn
Karen Netherton-Tn
Sam Jones-Ohio

Carrie Shelor   lshelor@bellsouth.net EFFORTS GATHERING
PATTI /GA pdicken@comcast.net 770-974-2992

Is there anyone in the SC-Ga area that would be interested in an informal gathering for
an EFFORTS get together.  Maybe we could plan something outside the Atlanta
area in a restaurant that has a room for meeting and we could  talk and get acquainted.   Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson---and certainly some of  us from the upstate would love having a gathering down around Charleston, Myrtle Beach!
If interested please let me know off list.
Carrie Shelor   lshelor@bellsouth.net

Hi, Everyone,

World Copd Day is November 15. If you're in the Memphis TN area, please
stop at the White Station Public Library to see a display for Copd

If you live in or near Memphis TN, and would like to participate in an
Efforts Gathering the first or second week of December, please email
me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Elvis has now left the building.

Kathleen TN klukas@midsouth.rr.com
So far we have 5 people interested in having a luncheon in early Dec. -  1 from Tucson, 1 Scottsdale, 2 Phoenix, and 1 Casa Grande.  With the majority from Phx
thought our 1st meeting will be there.  With more interested from other areas we
may be able to car pool to other areas for the next meeting.  Our idea is to just
get together for lunch & then plan from there.
Please contact Connie  wolf31@post.com
or Norma (nasaz)  at sezme703@aol.com
Everyone is welcome.  Lunch will be at a midpriced restaurant (Denny's or Village
Inn) or open for suggestions. 
Connie in AZ          wolf31@post.com
I have been unable to reach two who have replied about the Efforts Az 
luncheon.  Would Ralph Hoemke from Tucson and Sherry Heller from Scottsdale  please
contact me at _sezme703@aol.com_ (mailto:sezme703@aol.com) .  Thank you


Wisconsin Mini-Gathering
September 2006
Cedarburg, WI

The attached photo is a first Wisconsin EFFORTS Gathering. We found each other from the list. From the left is Ione Driggs, Pat V. (sorry, never found out her last name) She lives in Cedarburg, WI and Joanne Weber. We had a very enjoyable lunch and hope to do it again in October. It was nice to see faces to match the names.


Florida Mini-Gatherings
April & June 2006
Lakeland, Florida

Host: Hilde Hanson gullcottage@tampabay.rr.com

Lakeland Group
The first really mini one, took place in April and it consisted just of two EFFORTS
members and their spouses (Shari Hills, Bruce, Allen and I)

Lakeland Mini-Gathering
Today we had the second mini meet. It started when Janette Grasso came to visit Florida and wanted
to meet some of the local members. We did our best to round up a few in a hurry.


Massachusetts Gathering
June 1, 12:00 noon
Randolph, MA (South of Boston)

4th Annual luncheon
Fireman Community Center
640 North Main Street
Randolph, Ma. South of Boston

We have been meeting in the independent facility where I live and where we are always made so
welcome. Plenty of private Handicap parking. We eat in a private dining room and this year I am planning a
salad bar with desert and coffee. The price is always very reasonable and all I need is the number
of folks coming.

Mass. Luncheon
Gayle Steele, Ken Menard, Michelle Bernfeld,
Ruby Sands, Maureen Desiderio, and Mary Schmidt

We do enjoy sitting and meeting one another, it is always so much fun to meet the faces that go with
the email name. Anything else you need please do not hesitate to ask me...and if you are in touch
with Suzanne Suzanne6@concentric.net  let her know I am looking for her please.

Tennessee Gathering
April 1, 2006
Memphis, Tennessee

Saturday, April 1, 2006
11:30 a.m.
      2114 Union Ave.

Please email me if you would like to attend so we can be sure to have sufficient seating.
Kathleen TN klukas@midsouth.rr.com

Tennessee Gathering
From left to right:
Kathleen Lukas, Bertha Hale, Susie Floyd, Don Von Maurer

Illinois Gathering
Sunday, September 11, 2005, 4:00 pm
Chicago, IL

Hello friends and neighbors -

I've had several calls requesting a gathering in September, so I will try for the Greek Islands again.
 We have scheduled a dinner on Sunday September 11 at 4PM at the Greek Island Restaurant
200 S. Halsted in Chicago, Il. They are located just south of  Madison St. and just west of highway 94 in
downtown Chicago.They have free valet parking at the front door.
Come and meet some good people and make friends. A good time will be had by all.
Looking forward to seeing you.

Please call or Email me privately for reservations
Lloyd Corrigan  Il.  lgctrav@sbcglobal.net  Phone 847 679 3723

Florida Mini-Gathering
February, 2006
Lakeland, Florida

Hilde Hanson gullcottage@tampabay.rr.com

Florida Mini-Gathering

We had the tiniest EFFORTS meeting. There where two of us with husbands, for a total of four attendees
at out first monthly :-) EFFORTS meeting in Lakeland, Florida. EFFORTS members in attendance
where Mary Dixon and Hilde Hanson. Dinner was served at Hilde's house. Now if you could only find us some
more members to attend the next meeting.

Massachusetts Gathering
July 16, 2005, 12:00 noon
Peabody/Danvers, Massachusetts

We have finally decided that July 16th at noon / Vinney T's, Danvers-Peabody line
at Liberty Tree Mall will work out for just about everyone. Looks like a good group.

Hostess: Pat Hallstrom r.hallstrom@comcast.net

Pennsylvania  Gathering
June 23, 2005, 11:30 - 4:00 pm
York, PA

Directions     Map
Click to enlarge


The Yorktowne Hotel in York , Pa is our meeting place.  For those of you who are planning to stay the night , they have given us room rates of $99.00 per night for two people.  York is a busy town and the Yorktowne is one of the favored places so room reservations are requested as soon as possible in order to get a room  and especially a non- smoking room.

Perhaps some of you coming from farther distances might prefer to share a room.  Not a problem.  I would appreciate if you would also let ME know who is planning to stay as well as the hotel.  When making your reservations , you must mention the EFFORTS group in order to get that price. The toll free number is:  1 800 233 9324
We will have a delightful time.

I am so excited to meet you all.  I would, at this time like another idea of those who will be attending.   I must give this info to the hotel. And again the date is Thursday, June 23, 2005 from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00p.m.

If there is anyone else who thinks  they may like to join us, please contact me at your earliest convenience. 
There will be further updates as we get closer to the date.  We should have a speaker that day.
Thanks, we would love to meet you!
Diana Miller

Michigan Mini-Gathering
May 27, 2005
Livonia, Michigan


We had a small get-together May 27th, when Mary Cook
came to Mich. We met at the Macaroni Grill in Livonia for lunch.
We had a great time, and learned a lot.  Mary had the vent procedure done, Brenda has
had a lung transplant, and Paula was wearing the much talked about Oxy glasses.
I think we all talked more then we ate!!  Mary had her little dog with her, she is precious.

Contact: Sherry Silvas sbambam@sbcglobal.net


Texas Mini-Gatherings
May 2005


Contact: Pat Crowe olecrowe@earthlink.net

Massachusetts  Gathering
Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Randolf, MA


We are planning our third annual luncheon in Randolph, Ma. it has always been most enjoyable for those of us who could attend. We have fun seeing one another and just plain talking. You have your choice of; tuna egg or turkey all sandwiches with tomato, pickle, potato chips, coffe or tea and dessert. All for $4.00. More on that as the time approaches.

The date has been secured and it is May 17th,.....11.30 to1.30 or so. All surrounding states are certainly welcome to join us. Make your reservations early. Looking forward to another fun day.

Contact: Ruby  rujos76@wmconnect.com


Illinois  Gathering
Saturday, April 30, 2005
Glenwood, IL

Illinois Group
Seated from left to right
Judie Aguire, Lloyd Corrigan, Eileen Corrigan and Mary Ann Jollay.
Standing from left to right
Rick Aguire, Louise Kozak and Bill Kozak

We had a very pleasant gathering at the Glenwood Oaks Restauraunt in Glenwood, IL with our spouses.

EFFORTS Program for President's Day
21 February 2005
Red Lion Hotel - East Bay Room
3073 NW Bucklin Hill Road
Silverdale, WA

Washington 2005 Gathering


Price:** Free
                 Limited Seating, Reservations Required
360-337-1454 ask for Sharon

Huong Nguyen, RN, PhD Assistant Professor
University of Washington, School of Nursing
Seattle, WA

Lynn Reinke, RN, ARNP Research Assistant
University of Washington, School of Nursing
Seattle, WA

Title: Helpful Strategies to Manage your Shortness of Breath. They will provide an overview of COPD and the causes of shortness of breath. They will offer strategies to help the person with COPD manage their shortness of breath as well as exercise, medications, breathing techniques, and others.

They are also seeking patients to participate in a Shortness of Breath Research Study. (application follows) The overall aim of the study is to compare the effects of two educational and support programs to help patients manage their shortness of breath. One program will be conducted in person and the other, through the Internet. The study is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation. Further details of the study will be discussed. Study website: http://www.managesob.org - Email address: learn@managesob.org or phone 206-543-8651. Please contact
Sharon at familien1@WAVECABLE.COM for more information.


Massachusetts Gathering
Saturday, October 16, 2004
Burlington, Massachusetts

On Saturday, Oct. 16th we will be having a luncheon in Burlington. If any of our new people would like
to join us please let me know. The luncheon is at 11:30 at the Macaroni Grille in
Burlington, MA. We have this every other month.

Host: Patricia Hallstrom/MA  r.hallstrom@comcast.net


Missouri Mini-Gathering
October 3, 2004

Mary Faria had to return to Barnes for her 6 month checkup and contacted Joy Hobbs to ask if she would
meet them in Joplin for lunch. Mary says she was lucky that she agreed.

So, the picture below was taken in Joplin at the Bob Evans Restaurant on 3 October 04 on my way to Barnes.
Mary says she is very pleased that she finally got to meet Joy after talking to her for all these months. "She is
truly a "neato" lady and I feel lucky that she has been "in my corner" all these months."

Joy Hobbs and Mary Faria
Joy Hobbs and Mary Faria

Washington Gathering
Thursday, September 30, 2004

On Thursday, September 30, 2004, a group of EFFORTS members gathered at Pasta Fresca in Seattle to enjoy a terrific meal and exchange experiences in living with COPD. Bill Probstfield, author of "Smell the Rose, Blow Out the Candle," and his wife, Janet, were in town from their home in Oregon. Bill just finished his final evaluation for a lung transplant at the University of Washington. Also present were Sandra and Larry Howard, Mark Kagi, and Karen Beeson with her partner, Vince Ferriols. Mark demonstrated his Segway as a simple and unique transportation device for COPD patients and said some insurance companies will now pay for them.

Washington group

Pictured, clockwise from the top left: Sandra Howard, Bill Probstfield, Janet Probstfield, Karen Beeson, Larry Howard, and Mark Kagi. (The woman in the lower left corner is a friend of the Howard's who is not affected by COPD.)

Karen Beeson, Seattle, Washington

California Gathering #3
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Goletta, California

We are having it tomorrow Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at the Elephant Bar in Goletta.  All are welcome. 
Time is at 12:30PM.  Sorry this is late to you but I thought that Kay Witte had sent you the info  -  The California
bunch really digs this activity, dudes and dudettes.  Bring yer surfin' gear and let's hang 10 .... or not.  But whatever
we gonna have a good time where the pavement meets the sand.  Y'all come now ya heah?  See ya there all you
 laid back friendly folk.

California Gathering

We had a blast together again!!  From L then anti-clockwise Kay Witte,
Pat Bryman, Ken Scott, Joann Daley, and Don Perry.

Host: Ken Scott kennethguyscott@mac.com

English Gathering
September 2004

Chris Wigley and his lovely wife Gwen, with Ann Lornie

Just back from England , Chris Wigley and his lovely wife, Gwen, thought we might enjoy seeing this photo. Its an international meeting of 2 EFFORTS members/Ambassadors, Chris and Ann Lornie. Chris' wife, Gwen is in the
center and Chris is wearing his Oxy-View glasses, sitting beside a rented Air-Sep Lifestyle portable concentrator!
Ann Lornie is on the right side.

Tennessee EFFORTS Family Reunion
September 10th and 11th, Crossville, Tennessee

Tennessee EFFORTS Family Reunion


 I reserved 10 rooms at THE INN OF THE CUMBERLANDS  for Sept. 9th  10th
and 11th. Phone number is 1-800-465-3069.

The rooms are 49.94 plus tax They are busier than they have been, so if possible make your reservation
early in case we need more. (can cancel if necessary) when you call to reserve a room tell them
you are with the EFFORTS group and she suggested you use the confirmation number also. 12511
You can look on the main page and click on family gatherings to see a picture of the Inn.
No other plans yet. I am brain dead and don't remember how we got the pictures of the
inn on the gatherings page. It is on the first Tennessee gathering.

Host: Juania Teff


Illinois Gathering/Luncheon
August 24, Oak Brook, IL

We will have a luncheon gathering at The Club House Restaurant-298 Oak brook Center,Oak Brook,Ill,on Tuesday Aug.24th. We will meet at 11:30,so we will beat the parking rush. There is valet parking if you want to pay.

This will be  social gathering, no speaker, just a chance to meet, discuss our ups and
downs and get to know each other. The cost will be 26.75 for lunch tax and tip included.

Please let me know if you are interested in coming by Monday 7/19/04,so I can make reservations..

e-mail  or phone

Hope to see you there!

Lloyd Corrigan
847 679 3723

Kentucky July Meeting
July 23, Richmond, KY

July is getting close and we are planning our meeting July 23 in Richmond, KY.    We are
23+ miles South of Lexington.  Approx. 100 miles from Louisville and Cincinnati, OH.
We are looking forward to meeting a lot of our Efforts friends and new people as well.    Please let me
know if you can make it.    This will be a lunch ( Dutch treat) with a few interesting speakers.   
I need a head count by July 10th to reserve the banquet room at Ryans.

Host: Carolyn----KY

California Gathering, No. 2
Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Oxnard (Ventura County), CA, 12:30 - 4:00 pm

Enjoyed each other's company so much, we decided to get together once again. Mostly we talked
about the stem cell issue and generally how we are all doing.  As the pictures show clearly we are all still fine.


Colorado  Gathering
Monday, June 28, 2004 10am to 2:30pm
Wheat Ridge, CO


A Colorado EFFORTS Gathering is planned at the Colorado ALA
COPING & CARING Workshop on Monday, June 28th.
The hours of the event would be from 10 AM to 2:30 PM. The registration
fee is $10 and includes a catered lunch. O2 will be available. Free valet parking is provided at the
main entrance or you can park in the main parking lot for $2.

Exempla Lutheran Medical Center
3800 W 38th Ave.
Wheat Ridge 80033


Coping & Caring is a one-day workshop for adults with lung disease and their caregivers.

Topics will include:
EFFORTS-Getting Connected

Calling 911 - Your Emergency Medical Service/File of Life
Leslie Minor, Director/Research & Development, Denver PD

Current COPD Research
Ann Murdock, RRT
Rocky Mountain Mt. Center for Clinical Research


Newest & latest in meds

Using humor to live with lung disease
   Mike Monroe

Edna Fiore EFFORTS Ambassador (720)922-1551 emfiore1@cscom 
Colorado ALA contact: Cindy Liverence
VP of Community Relations    

Lunch Menu

American Lung Association Luncheon
June 28, 2004
65 People

Salad Luncheon

·    Spinach and Raddichio Salad
Fresh baby spinach and raddichio with caramelized bacon, diced eggs, diced roma tomatoes, sautéed purple onions.  Served with a warm bacon dressing

·    Greek Salad
Large diced cucumbers, roma tomatoes, black olives, julienne purple onions, mixed with feta cheese crumbles, olive oil, red wine vinegar, fresh oregano, chopped garlic.  Served on top mixed greens.

·    Thai Chicken Salad
Marinated chicken breast seared and julienne on top mixed greens and cabbage, snow peas, carrots, julienne red peppers, mandarin oranges, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts.  Served with an oriental dressing.

·    Cobb Salad
Chopped iceburg lettuce topped with bleu cheese, chopped bacon, avocado, diced tomatoes, diced chicken, diced hard boiled eggs. Served with your choice of dressings.

·    Fruit Ambrosia
Honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, mixed and topped with baked coconut

·    Nice assorted variety of a chef gourmet breadbasket.

·    Chocolate Mousse piped into a parfait glass and topped with whipped cream and shaved white chocolate

·    Iced tea and Lemonade

  Massachusetts Gathering
Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Randolph, MA


We will be having our annual get-together in the Boston area (Randolph, MA). Right now the Tentative date is Tuesday,
May 18th. Lunch  to be served at noon and then we can enjoy each other's company.
Reservations and choice of lunch will be a must. I live in an independent Seniors community...last year
we were well fed by the Chef for a very reasonable amount , served by volunteer residents.
Obviously, we have to let them know in advance. I will check with the Chef and find out what he can offer.
I know we will have Tuna and Egg (sandwiches) and perhaps Turkey, prices quite reasonable. More later...get
your reservations in early! By the way for those who attended last year, the name has been changed to
Simon C. Fireman Community  ..but the location is the same, Randolph. Ma.
Truly looking forward to seeing you . Thanks. Ruby

We all have a good time each year.

John on Cape Cod lillijohn@adelphia.net
Ruby Sands rujos76@wmconnect.com


Eastern Gathering
Saturday, May 15, 2004, 12-2:00 pm
Nyack area for NY/NJ/PA

Eastern Gathering

Come to Lunch with your EFFORTS friends

The Hudson House
134 Main St.
Nyack, NY 10960


Host: Linda Watson lwatson@hvc.rr.com


Oklahoma Luncheon
Saturday, May 15, 2004
Midwest City, OK

Oklahoma Luncheon

There will be a luncheon at Pelican's in Midwest City, Okla. on May 15th. We
will have a speaker. All COPDers will be welcome. There will be more
information later and I will need a sign up to ensure that there will be
room and wait staff. Featured speaker will be Mark Mangus. All COPD individuals as well as
local areas are welcome. Signups are needed because the room only holds 50.

Host: Jim Rowley jim73071@sbcglobal.net


Southern Missouri Gathering
May 10, 2004
A small gathering but a gathering just the same.

Marsha Hearn and Joy Hobbs

Marsha (Lonedove) Hearn and Joy Hobbs met on Monday, May 10, 2004 at I-Hop restaurant, Joplin, MO 
Gathering of 3  (Joy, Marsha, Linda, caregiver for Marsha).
Small gathering, yes.  Also, yes, I really do like my "real me" photo (Joy) you already have up!


Ohio Gathering

May 7, 2004 at 11:30am
Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center (hospital)
Findlay, Ohio

Ohio Gathering

I have made arrangements to have our gathering at my hospital, where we met the last time. This will be our second Ohio gathering and I hope to see many new faces. It will be held in Findlay, Ohio at the Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center on Friday, May 7 at 11:30. Come prepared to have a delicious lunch. I will have the cost of that after I meet with our dietitian. She did a fantastic job for us the last time. Please let me know if you think it would be possible for you to be with us for that day. Look at the pictures of our last gathering at http://www.effortsmembers.org/gatherings.html and you will see some happy people having a good time sharing the day with their EFFORTS friends. If you are new to the group, don't be shy. I will do my best to find buddies to ride with if that would be a problem. Right now, I am looking for someone near Dayton to share a ride with a newbie. This isn't restricted to Ohio. We already have Ron Cook of Atlanta and Pam DeNardo of Illinois making the trip to be with us.

Host: Jeanette Vielhaber VielhaberJ@aol.com


California Gathering
Wednesday, May 5, 2004, 12:30 pm
Oxnard (Ventura County), CA

California group

Well we are all set with the Lobster Trap Restaurant in Oxnard (Ventura County) for 12:30 PM on Wednesday May 5, 2004 for up to 8 persons.  Should there be more people later on I will simply call the Restaurant with a revised number.  The Lobster Trap has no problem with anyone using oxygen so we probably don't even have to mention that.  When folks arrive all they have to do is ask for the EFFORTS group and they will be shown to our table.

Folks can visit the websites below for information and driving directions or simply use MapQuest or Yahoo maps.


Host: Ken Scott kennethguyscott@mac.com


Southern  Get-Together
April 29 - May 1, 2004
Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga Gathering

Best Value Inn
Camp Jordan Parkway
Chattanooga, TN

Continental Breakfast
Meeting/Conference Room
In room coffee makers
Free local calls
Pond/small lake with Picnic tables behind hotel
And....it is very new!

                                                                April 29th: Cookout at the lake behind the motel. 
                                                                                  Speaker:  Jan Costilow will tell us about her experience with
                                                                April 30th: Lunch at Shoney's Restaurant Exit 1 at I-75 North 12:30.
                                                                                 Speaker:  Apria Representative will speak on "Oxygen and Travel"

                                                                                 Afternoon:  on your own
                                                                                 Dinner:  To be scheduled.

Mary Ellen Owens meow0603@bellsouth.net
Peg Smith JBandPeg@webtv.net


Virginia Luncheon
April 21, 2004
Charlottesville, VA

The plans are finalized now for the Charlottesville luncheon.  It will be on Wednesday, 21 April 2004
at 12:00 noon.  It will be at the Ponderosa Steak House located in the Pantops Shopping Center at
260 Pantops Dr., Route 250 East, Charlottesville, VA  just on the eastern edge of Charlottesville. 
They have reserved the banquet room for us, even though only 5 or 6 folks have shown interest. 
 If you will want to join in, please send me e-mail, so that I can give them
an accurate count prior to that date.

So far, those that I have listed as coming are: Ron Cook, Mary Komoroski, Charlotte (BlueLady),
and Kathy Z (Woody), plus myself.  I'm quite sure we'll have a good time talking even if no one else
joins us, but would love it if others would attend too.

Donna Bruffey djw9a@unix.mail.virginia.edu
Kathy Zimoski Woody11055@aol.com


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~Past Gatherings~

Virginia - April, 2004Tennessee - April, 2004 California - May, 2004Ohio - May, 2004 S. Missouri - May 2004
Oklahoma - May, 2004New York - May, 2004 Massachusetts - May, 2004Colorado - June, 2004 California #2 - July 2004
Kentucky - July 2004Illinois - August, 2004 Tennessee #2 - Sept., 2004 England - Sept., 2004California #3 - Sept. 2004
Washington - Sept. 2004Missouri - Oct. 2004Massachusetts - Oct., 2004Washington - Feb. 2005 Illinois - April 2005
Massachusetts - May 2005Texas - May 2005Michigan - May, 2005Pennsylvania - June 2005Massachusetts - July 2005
Florida - February 2006Illinois #2 - September 2005Tennessee - April 2006Massachusetts - June 2006 


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