Our Angel, Glenda
November 3, 1947 to January 15. 2000
How Do We Say Goodbye To An Angel

In Loving Memory of Glenda Jones

She walked this earth in human form but those who knew her saw her as an Angel. You didn't have to know her for very long to feel the love inside her and see her amazing strength as she fought for her life with emphysema.  She was a positive force in the lives of many and showed us how to smile inspite of our illness and dispair.

Glenda worked undauntingly as a Member of the Board of EFFORTS,  She spent many hours writing letters to government officials, newspapers, and television stations pleading for a chance to speak about the need for research for emphysema and other lung diseases.  Her work was not in vain as she  was given her opportunity during an interview that aired on "For Your Health" on channel 18 in Richmond, Kentucky. 

She was instrumental in setting up the first EFFORTS mini-convention which brought much needed attention to the need for research.  The convention brought part of the EFFORTS family together to meet in person for the very first time.

 We will cherish the time we spent with Glenda.  She was loved by all.

How do we say goodbye to an Angel?  We can't and we won't.  She is still with us in spirit and will live on in our hearts forever.  Though she is no longer on this Earth, she will remaim our Angel in Heaven as our "forever angel".


"Forever Love"

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