In Loving Memory of

Myrl Templeton

 October 13, 1926 to February 25, 2001


Myrl Templeton was a member of EFFORTS from the very beginning and contributed much to the support of it's members.

We sadly say good-bye to her as she has gone on to her rewards.  She is now our EFFORTS angel and will be watching to see that we continue to pursue the goals of our mission.  Myrl will be greatly missed by us all.

Through the years, we have devoted special pages to Myrl and we've put them all together on this page as a tribute to her and for your enjoyment.  Though Myrl is not with us in body anymore, she will always be in our hearts and in the soul of EFFORTS.  We love you Myrl.

Myrl's Birthday

Myrl's Personal Glimpses


Tennessee Reunion

Myrl's Obituary

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